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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rochelles new shite

Joel's hand-jobs

Ms. Steve Burlton is back! He did some wicked tats on Donzey and Alex. Saaa-maaassshhh!!

If you get a dog too wet they will die! If you see this man call the RSPCA

Progress on Joel's Japanese (Japoel)

Oopsy daisy! Alex tripped over the stairs and spilt coffee everywhere. What a fuckin Ree

New Joel shiiiit


Pho Chu Le, in Springvale is probably the best vietnamese restaurant in the whole country and maybe even the world. I only say maybe because I can't claim to have been everywhere in the world, but I personally endorse this man as the greatest Chef, Host and all round great tovarisch. May he live to be 800 years old, like Noah. I'm proud to wear his name. Cheers!

I'm so proud of Joel. His a good boy with mad skills. He did this tribute to our great John Winston Howard, (born 26 July 1939) was the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, in 2011. Since then it has gone to page 1 of google images, when you look for little John H. I'm reposting it's a bonza peice by Joel Melrose. The End

This is our footy photo. We only need 4 players, cause we're sic cunts.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Some recent work by Emma!

Alex used to carve up dance-floors, now he carves up wood.

Meet Ming the Merciless, mayor of Springvale.

Scotti 2 Hotti, Emski and the Roach Dogg. Come get tattooed by them. NOW!

Jerry the Ferrero Rocher

Incase you haven't heard Jesus has returned and tattoos with us. Amen

The Donz doin his thang! Sip drank.

Meet Pinky, the special needs mascot for sanitary electric

Sweet new tats by the Donz!