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Monday, December 8, 2014

Addicts are selfish and lead pathetic lives. It's part of the description of addiction. If your friend is addicted, it is shallow and evil to stop being friends with them but it is survival to stop contacting or even worse, go into business with them.
They will drag you down. Jakob Morley asked his best friend to start a business and then found every possible way to steal from their business, weekly for 2 years, until it was fire bombed. He was even too high on heroin to answer the phone when his business partner was almost burned alive. He took more money from the business to pay Chapel Tattoo, so that he had a job to flee to and leave the business that he had milked, for 2 years behind. The only thing this selfish cunt could have done to at least help, was tell his business partner that he knew who it was burning the business, but he went on a heroin holiday to Thailand without a word. He dumped his soul mate and junk fiend in Thailand and then came back with a sob story about what a mad junkie she was and went back to work at Chapel.
Addiction produces a sense of short-term sociopathy in most cases. You will be manipulated and fooled and humiliated and harmed over and over again by addicts. Most cannot be trusted and the ones who can are the truly tragic stories of addiction.
This guy is a cunt at the highest level of what it is to be a sneaky junkie.
He lagged his brother into the police. He borrowed money from his parents to pay credit cards, but spent the whole lot on junk. The worst part was blaming the love of his shitty life on everything, once he was found out to be a 5 grand a week heroin addict.
The cunt took home 5K a week and still borrowed money from the business, when his rent was due.
The cunt didn't even pay for the junk trip to Thailand, because after he fled the business the banks started calling about all of his new credit cards.
Do not give the sad cunt any money.